Black EMU Boots for Women

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Black EMU Boots Stinger tallBlack EMU Boots - More Info...

List of styles of Black EMU boots for women:
  • Hip or "Hipper"
  • Hip Button
  • Kimba (hi, mid and lo)
  • Stinger
  • Bronte
  • Outback
Most popular style:  Stinger - This is a wool lined, sheepskin upper boot with a serious amount of style.  It is reported to be a higher quality than other brands of sheepskin, wool-lined boots.

Vote for the most stylish Black EMU Boots:  Versions of the "Hip" or "Hipper".  All of these boots are gorgeous - they include the original Hip, and the Hip Button.  (There is also a "Tall Hip" version, but we haven't been able to find that one in the color black.)

Sizing:  The sizing for the various styles of EMU boots in black will vary.  Please check individual merchant listings carefully for sizing information.

About this page:  Above you will find the best shopping we have found online for all available styles of Black EMU Boots.  The merchants are known to provide great service, good prices and fast, free shipping (sometimes even overnight).


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