Sheepskin Minnetonka Boots

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Sheepskin Minnetonka Classic Pug BootsAbout Sheepskin Minnetonka Boots for Women:

What styles of boots from Minnetonka come in sheepskin?
  • Classic Minnetonka Pug (9")
  • Classic Minnetonka Pug (Tall - 14")
  • Sheepskin Side Zip (a new one we just spotted)
  • Ankle Boot/Slipper (nice for wearing in or out of the house)
Favorite:  Well, since we own some of these, we are definitely a bit biased on a favorite.  The Classic 9" pug is extremely comfortable and goes with everything.  These are known to be more durable and better made than boots from UGG.

Shopping Information:  The merchants that we chose for these boots include Shoebuy, Endless and Zappos.  The selection from these three merchants is exceptional, the prices are competitive and all three offer free shipping and free returns.


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