Frye Melissa Riding Boot

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Frye Melissa Riding Boots in BlackAbout Frye Melissa Riding Boot Styles:

There are a number of Frye Melissa Riding Boot styles - here they are:

Melissa Riding Boot - This boot specifically bears this name, and has the most obvious riding inspired style.  I've actually never seen a riding boot quite like this one, with it's lacing up the front (to just above the ankle portion of the boot). Truly a unique design in women's footwear!  Click here for reviews on this boot.

Melissa Button - Even though "Riding" is not in the name of this boot, the fact remains that it has a riding inspired style and design.  Sleek, long, with logo buttons at the top of the boot shaft and a traditional pull-on style.  Click here for reviews on this boot.

Melissa Honeycomb - This also is a riding boot style, but it most certainly has the most flair of the collection.  This boot bears a studded harness about the ankle of the boot, setting it (far) apart from the rest in the group.  (This boot is my personal favorite of the "Melissas".)  (No reviews available for this boot as of this writing.)

In the future, more styles of riding boots may be released in the Melissa collection - but as it stands, the current selection (as of this writing) is what I would call "outstanding"!

Note:  As more boots are released in (or removed from) this collection, you will see the availability in the listings above.  This page will continue to have updated available styles for the Frye Melissa Riding Boot collection.


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