Woodstock Minnetonka Boot

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Minnetonka Woodstock Boot in TanAbout the Woodstock Minnetonka Boot for Women:

The Minnetonka women's Woodstock Boot is based on a classic moccasin style, with a bit of "funky" mixed in.  There are beads and fringe and... well, you get the picture.

These are some very cool boots.  =)

Colors:  These boots are available in Black, Brown, Dusty Brown and Tan (shown in left photo).

Style:  Rock and Roll overall style, soft suede upper with tassels, beads and fringe.  (Basically, this boot rocks.)

Dimensions:  9 inch shaft height, 15 inch shaft circumference (based on a size 6)

Reviews Info:

I love those boots! They are perfect! I get a lot of compliments about them. They are very comfortable, like slippers! I was kind of nervous before I get them, because of if they would not fit, or whatever. But they are absolutely perfect... Click here for multiple reviews for this boot.


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