Minnetonka Zipper Boot

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Minnetonka Zipper - Hi Top Back Zip BootAbout Minnetonka Zipper Boot Styles for Women:

The "Zipper" styles of boots from Minnetonka are not only functional for "easy on easy off", they are also "functional" for adding a bit more to their looks.

Here are the styles of the Minnetonka Zipper Boots that we recommend:
  • Minnetonka Hi Top Back Zip (shown left) - These boots are truly stylin'.  Available in a few different earth-bound colors.
  • Minnetonka Back Zipper Boot - This is a bit of a simpler style - known to be very comfortable and very down to earth.
Our favorite:  You might have already guessed from our writing, but the Hi Top Back Zip is definitely our favorite in the "Zipper" bunch.  They have a great look and tend to stand out among the rest.

Shopping:  Our recommended resources for the Minnetonka Zipper Boot styles include Zappos, Shoebuy and Shoes.com.  See listings above for current details on pricing and selection.  All resources provide free shipping and free returns.


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