Women's EMU Hip Boot

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Women's EMU Hip or Hipper Original BootAbout the styles of the Women's EMU Hip Boot:

"Hip" or officially, the "Hipper":  This boot is shown in the left photo - gorgeous wool lined boot with a tie-around closure.  This serves not only to add amazing style to this boot, but also to provide the perfect fit around the calf area.

Hip Button Boot:  The EMU Hip Button boot has the same basic style, but with wrap around ties and toggle closures.  Some women prefer this boot over the other styles due to a simpler look and a long wearing time without needing adjustments.

Hi Hip | Hi Hipper:  Same basic style as the Women's EMU Hip, but with a cuff that can be worn folded over or worn up - generally this is high enough to cover the knee area, depending on the height and size of the wearer.

Favorite:  The most popular among the three styles of boots appears to be the original Hip or "Hipper".  EMU Australia truly came up with a unique idea when introducing this style - and it has really caught on!

Sizing:  Sizing "rules" on each individual style of the Women's EMU Hip may vary.  Please check merchant listings carefully when choosing the right size.


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