Minnetonka Front Lace Boot

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Front Lace Minnetonka Women's BootsAbout the Minnetonka Front Lace Boot:

For those ladies who like a loooooong look with a gorgeous moccasin style, the Minnetonka Front Lace is a great choice.  Note:  This boot might not be the best choice for ladies who are quite petite or for ladies with wider calves.

Available colors for this boot:  Tan, Dusty Brown, Brown, Black

Style:  Soft suede leather upper, cushioned insole, classic style moccasin boot.

Dimensions:  16 inch shaft height, 13 inch circumference.

Review Info:

"These are fabulous! I had some blistering on the back of my ankle after the 1st wearing, but once I broke them in they are very comfortable..."  Click here to read all reviews @ Zappos.com


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