Minnetonka Suede Boots

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Minnetonka Woodstock Suede BootsAbout Minnetonka Suede Boots for Women:

Which women's boots from Minnetonka are available in suede?  Well, quite a lot of them.

Here are the best selling boots that fall into the "suede" category:
  • Tramper - A Classic.
  • Woodstock (shown left)
  • Layered Suede Boots - This includes the 3 Layer and the 5 Layer versions.  Both are gorgeous.
  • Minnetonka Front Lace - This is a tall, long boot and is extremely stylish.  As the name implies, there is lacing all the way up the front of the boot.
Our favorite:  The Woodstock - lovin' the beads and the fringe on this boot.   Comfortable, and very, very cool.

Shopping:  Our favorite resources for this boot are shown above in the merchant listings.  They include Shoebuy (probably the best selection), Zappos and Endless.  It is a good idea to check over the listings carefully - sometimes there are prices marked down lower when comparing them in style from merchant to merchant.


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