Fringe Minnetonka Boots

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3 Layer Fringe Minnetonka Boots for WomenAbout Fringe Minnetonka Boots for Women:

Yes, there are multiple Minnetonka boots for women with fringe - here are the highlights...
  • Tramper - This is likely the hottest selling Minnetonka boot - it's a classic.
  • Hi Top Back Zip - Another popular women's style - very earthy, very comfortable and stylin'.
  • The "Layers"! - There are 3 layered (shown left) and 5 layered fringe women's Minnetonka boots - pretty nifty, very stylish.
  • Woodstock - another very hot seller.  This boot has a sort of a "hip" look to it, having fringe and beads - coming up to about mid-calf.
  • Front Lace - Long, tall boot graced with fringe hanging down from the top of the boot shaft.
Our favorite:  It's hard to pick, so we will give a couple.  Both the 3 layer and the Woodstock are real favorites of ours.

Shopping info:  The shopping above on the page is the best overall that we have found for the Fringe Minnetonka boots for women - some great selections, and you can compare prices from multiple merchant listings right from a single page.  (Prices for each boot will vary both by style and by merchant.)


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